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Stuart Smith


MSc - Marine Science (Aquaculture)

MEngSc - Water & Wastewater Engineering


Stuart is the Managing Director and founder of Biosys Consulting Pty Ltd. He has both a Masters degree in Marine Science (Aquaculture) from Macquarie University, as well as a Masters of Engineering Science (specialising in water and wastewater engineering) from UNSW.


This extensive theoretical training saw his academic research and industry training focus on finfish, algal and invertebrate aquaculture. He has extensive experience in recirculating system design and optimisation, filtration and pumping techniques, weater treatment engineering design, water reuse applications and effluent treatment and disposal.


He has operated Biosys Consulting for over 7 years and brings specific skills in applied engineering design and construction methods to both marine & aquaculture research facility design and industrial treatment projects. He is included across all projects, from design & planning to construction, to commissioning and ongoing customer suport.  His major focus is throughout the construction stages, delivering the conceptual design to a functional and reliable reality, ensuring equipment and engineering meets the harsh operating requirements in marine and aquaculture facilities.


His research experience has involved working in feed development and husbandry optimisation in the hatchery production of barramundi (Lates calcarifer) as well as playing a key role in the development of the land based recirculation aquaculture of sea urchins (Tripneustes gratilla) during work at AusUni Pty Ltd. Recently, he has been lending his assistance to Biosys' collaborative Sustainable Sea Cucumber Project (Holothuria scabra) in Penang, Malaysia, as Lead Engineer on the project.



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Dr Devarajen Vaitilingon


PhD - Marine Science & Aquaculture


Dr Devarajen Vaitilingon has an extensive knowledge in aquaculture through 20 years of direct experience in research and development in the field. During these years, he has developed a unique blend of expertise in applied research for species of aquaculture interest, and the application of innovative aquaculture technologies to develop recirculating aquaculture systems that operate within the principles of ecologically sustainable development. Devarajen has proven practices in scientific R&D within the research and aquaculture industries as well as developing hatchery and grow-out techniques for marine invertebrates (such as sea urchin and sea cucumber).


He was the scientific leader of the Echinoculture Project in Madagascar, which involved the culture of sea urchin, Tripneustes gratilla and the sandfish, Holothuria scabra. He was also the scientific leader of the Sea Urchin Aquaculture Programme at Macquarie University (refer to links below for PDFs). He was later appointed as the Principal Scientist for AusUni Pty Ltd, a private Australian company formed for the commercialisation of sea urchin roe.


Since joining Biosys Consulting in 2011, he has driven the R&D and technical arm of the company, as well as consulting design - delivering new and highly specialised applications to research systems to give another posibility and capacity to academic's ideas! Such designs include our automated CO2/pH manipulation to our Recirculating Rack Systems, temperature mixing systems and BMS-capable logging and automation control of RAS.


Devarajen has published extensively on the biology and ecology of echinoderm species of aquaculture interest, which form part of his PhD thesis. He fully understands the challenges involved in designing a multi-user aquatic system for scientific research.


Over the last year, Dev has lead Biosys' collaborative Sustainable Sea Cucumber Project (Holothuria scabra) as the project's Chief Scientist and is based locally in Penang, Malaysia.




Recent Publications

Sustainable Sea Cucumber Project, Penang, Malaysia


Kerabu beronok potentials, Langkawi, Malaysia


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Mark Scandurra

Project Manager

B. Eng. (Structural/Project Management)


Mark is a forward thinking entrepreneur with experience across a range of industries. A former civil and structural engineer, Mark has applied his analytical skills and strategic thinking to the areas of asset management, business development, management consulting and project management.


Mark operates as both Commercial Manager as well as Project Manager, covering the areas of strategic planning, energy efficiency, construction planning, asset management, and organisational change.

Along with his analytical skills and business acumen, Mark’s key skills include business development, relationship management, marketing and high level project delivery.



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Dr Robert Laich

Marine Chemist

PhD - Marine Chemistry


Dr Robert Laich is specialised in the field of marine chemical ecology, with specific emphasis on the sustainable culture of marine organism harbouring bioactive secondary metabolites. He has gained his extensive knowledge through 6 years of research at academic institutions. During his Applied Marine Biology degree BSc (Hons) at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh he established and optimised a method to isolate antimicrobial active compounds from the epiphytic marine bacteria Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus pumilus using different techniques including recirculating aquaculture.


During his PhD at Macquarie University, Sydney he focused on an industrial approach using high throughput techniques to isolate fluorescent active compounds that have herbicidal, antimicrobial properties, from the marine sponges Ircinia variabilis, Ianthella basta, Spirastrella papillosa and Clathria australiensis.Most recently he gained commercial knowledge on the development of pharmaceutical compounds through his employment at Harrison Clinical Research GmbH. Robert has a strong background in marine biotechnology and understands the needs for both drug discovery from the marine environment as well as successful aquaculture commercialisation for not only as a sustsinable food production menthod but also for scale-up of drug compounds for medicinal purposes.




Biosys Consulting's Partners and Collaborators 

Biosys Consulting has brought together a wide range of ancillary services required throughout various design and construction stages of their projects.  Having such a close, collaborative team of associated expertise allows us to "custom-develop" the team of personnel on a project-by-project basis in order to to deliver each project - no matter the size or technical requirement.  

From large industrial water treatment and commercial aquaculture projects, to medium-scale aquaculture and research facilites, all the way to smaller solutions for an individual academic's research project; we have the capabilities to bring the following members together to ensure successful project delivery.   

Sparks & Partners - Hydraulic/Stormwater Engineers & 2D/3D CAD

Mr Leon Dominio - Director


Global Edge Project Consulting - Multifacet Project Engineers

Mr Guy Watson - Director


Netco Pumps & Equipment - Hydraulic Pumps and Filtration & Installations 

Mr Nathan Cruickshank - Director


AADCo Malaysia Sdn Bhd - Holothuria scabra commercial partner

Mr HK Ong - Director