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Services & Skills


The company’s team has excelled in various aspects of aquaculture research and project development. We offer multidisciplinary, team based professional aquaculture consulting services, including:


Aquaculture business development


We endeavour to provide our clients with a complete service to develop sustainable aquaculture businesses. Our services are directed either toward existing or new farmers, seeking to enter the aquaculture industry. More specifically, the full aquaculture consulting package includes:

Site inspection and analysis

Site selection is of paramount importance in determining the success or failure of sustainable aquaculture businesses. The local, state and federal governments developed numerous policies for the best land use planning principles. Most of the sites need government approval before development. We provide to our clients a site inspection and preliminary analysis in the suitability of the site for recirculating aquaculture. We also advise on the necessary steps involved in permit application and/or further analysis (e.g. water access) if needed.

Pre-feasibility study
The success of a sustainable aquaculture business relies on a good estimation of the start up cost. This can be done through a concise conceptual model design or pre-feasibility study. Our staff is devoted to providing the optimal concept design for new recirculation aquaculture ventures. The concept design includes: mass balance calculations, water usage and flow rates, tank loadings, production turn over rate and layout plans for the different production units or the whole facility. Our staff is experienced in many aquaculture scenarios: from extensive to intensive aquaculture systems. We can design mariculture farms as well as land based recirculating systems or pond-based aquaculture systems incorporating water recirculation techniques. Our staff is also experienced in the design of Aquaponic or other integrated aquaculture systems. This concept design is usually the first step before setting up a proper construction design and facility build up. It is also used to give a first estimation of start up cost.

Business planning and financial analysis
We advice our clients on the different steps in setting up a sustainable aquaculture business that is economically sustainable. The financial aspect of the business is the key to its success. Our staff is skilled in developing capital and operating expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX), profitability and sensitivity analysis, and cash flows for aquaculture ventures.

Operational and logistical planning
The goals and production targets of an aquaculture business can only be achieved with a proper operational and logistical planning that will turn the client’s goals and strategies into actions. We advise our clients on the implementation of each strategy, assigning responsibilities, design production schedules, identifying resources required and indicating what difference the specific actions will make in your business.

Farm design and site plans
Our staff is experienced in designing plan layouts either for specific production units or the whole facility. We provide sketches and process flow diagrams to help you understand the proper functioning of the recirculating aquaculture system.

Sustainable practices and project management
We endeavour to provide to our clients the best practices to develop a sustainable aquaculture business at every level. We advise our clients on the different ways to implement the code of practice to develop a sustainable aquaculture activity either for existing or new aquaculture businesses. Our practices include EMS principles, providing an environmental system review of the aquaculture system. The EMS process is recommended as a useful tool for determining the environmental aspects and impacts associated with a business’s current impacts and/or predicted impacts of development or expansion. It will also highlight deficiencies in certain activities and improve the impact of sustainable aquaculture operations on the environment.

Staffing and training
We assist our clients in determining the number of staff and skills required for the proper functioning on the aquaculture business. We also provide training to staff in the following field: husbandry techniques and handling; the biology and biological requirements of the aquaculture species; the functioning and maintenance of sustainable aquaculture systems, and; production forecast and modelling.


Aquatic system design


Utilising our extensive experiences in research and development, and in sustainable aquaculture system design (described above), we offer our services to academic research institutions, government and non-governmental organizations to set up innovative aquatic systems.


Our services include:

  • Project definition
  • Concept design
  • Prototyping
  • Construction design and installation
  • Optimisation
  • Maintenance