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BioSys Consulting was established in September 2009 and since then, has been actively working on various projects (in Australia and abroad), showcasing our success as a consultants within the sustainable aquacuture industry. Below is a list of some relevant projects that our team at BioSys Consulting have undertaken in the past:


Aquaculture Business Development Projects


Aquamon Pty Ltd - Sea Cucumber Aquaculture Project

Prepared for Aquamon Pty Ltd (Mr Alexandre Legrand), Noumea, New Caledonia. BioSys was involved in the complete prefeasibility study & conceptual design for a pilot production of the sea cucumber, Holothuria scabra. The first stage of this project was completed in January 2010 and the involvement of BioSys Consulting Pty Ltd in the second stage (scheduled for July 2010, depending on government funding release) has recently been approved.



Arial Farm Layout (Arial View) - Sea Cucumber Aquaculture Plant

Mr Paul Pace, Landilo, NSW- Integrated system for Murray Cod aquaculture
Mr Paul Pace, Llandilo NSW, commissioned BioSys Consulting Pty Ltd to perform a private pre-feasibility study on the scale-up from a currently operating experimental facility.  The proposed recirculating system is capable producing murray cod (Maccullochella peeli peeli) using an integrated aquaponic system and innovative water reuse techniques.



AusUni Pty Ltd - Sea Urchin aquaculture project
Both Dr Vaitilingon and Mr Smith were involved in research and development towards the commercialisation of sea urchin roe. This project, initiated by Macquarie University, was to develop a sustainable aquaculture system for the pilot and commercial production of sea urchin roe. This project has led into the development of a new and sustainable land-based system for the aquaculture of sea urchin. This system is now under an IP rights hold by Macquarie University and the inventors.



Belgium Aid - Echinoculture Project, Madagascar
Dr Vaitilingon was involved in setting up an echinoculture programme in Madagascar. This project was financed by the Belgian Aid to promote aquaculture of echinoderm resources in remote areas in Madagascar and led to the setting up of the first commercial sea cucumber aquaculture company in Madagascar.


Macquarie University - Barramundi growth aquaculture project
Mr Smith completed numerous applied research experimentations concerning feed optimisation and non-uniform growth studies in juvenile barramundi (Lates calcarifer) at industrial culture densities. These studies were in collaboration with Tailor-Made Fish Farms and carried out on their commercial production facility at Port Stephens, NSW.



Aquatic System Design & Research Applications


Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) - Recirculating Seawater Facility
SIMS is a collaborative research institute bringing together the scientists from six NSW universities as well as several government agencies. It is the aquatic research institution based within the Sydney region and composed of research facilities directly adjacent to Sydney Harbour. BioSys is presently engaged in redesigning and optimisation of their seawater facility using recirculating techniques. A prototype of the recirculating system has already been installed within the facility and is presently being used and evaluated. Our next step will be to optimise and implement the recirculating design throughout the entire seawater facility.



Conceptual Floorplan Layout of the SIMS Seawater Facility


Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) – Recirculating seawater system within a PC2 wet laboratory

The Sydney Institute of Marine Science has commissioned BioSys Consulting Pty Ltd to design and construct a recirculating seawater system (RSS) within a Physical Containment Level 2 (PC2) wet laboratory. This RSS forms part of the upgrade of the whole institute into a state-of-the-art research facility. The PC2 facility will be used as a marine wet laboratory where a broad range of marine organisms will be reared under controlled conditions such as temperature, water turbulence, pH, salinity and other more specific physical and chemical seawater parameters. It will be designed to undertake experiments with slightly hazardous microorganisms under conditions that prevent their release into the environment. The PC2 lab has some specific features that need to comply with the "Guidelines for Certification of Physical Containment Facilities PC2 Aquatic Organism Version 2.1-1 September 2006" (The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing, Office of the Gene Technology Regulator).


Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI), Queensland Government – Recirculating aquaculture systems at Bribie Island Research Centre
The Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) has commissioned BioSys Consutling Pty Ltd to provide an upgrade to the current broodstock facilities provided within the Bribie Island Research Centre (BIRC). The upgrade includes the provision of a recirculation system to four existing culture tanks (35 m3 each), allowing specific conditions such as temperature control capacity to enable finfish broodstock to be maintained for research purposes all year round. Broodstock to be housed within the recirculating units include tropical, sub-tropical and temperate finfish species such as barramundi (Lates calcarifer) and cobia (Rachycentron canadum).


Conceptual Design of the BIRC Cobia Broodstock System

Recirculating system - Cobia broodstock facility (Bribie Island Research Centre)

University of Sydney / University Technology Sydney - Temperature Control System

BioSys Consulting Pty Ltd was commissioned to develop and implement a temperature control system for an ongoing research project managed by University of Sydney and University Technology Sydney. This temperature control system was installed within the SIMS facility. Using an innovative approach, our team has designed a system that can allow water with at least 8 different temperatures within the same unit.


University of Sydney – Recirculating Seawater Laboratory

BioSys Consulting is currently involved in the preliminary design stages for the complete refurbishment of the School of Biological Science’s marine seawater laboratory, located at the Camperdown/Darlington campus. Design of the facility involves design of flexible experimental units, water storage, wastewater treatment and filtration applications to allow an flexible, accurate and reliable experimentation facility.

Macquarie University – Ocean Acidification Project

Dr Devarajen Vaitilingon gave technical assistance on the set up of a small scale recirculating system to deliver acidified seawater using CO2 gas injection at Sydney Institute of Marine Science, to simulate the short and long term effect of climate change on marine organisms.

NSW Department of Primary Industries – Inshore flathead reproduction and growth

Inshore flathead reproduction and growth project, financed by Industry and Investment NSW (formerly Department of Primary Industries). Technical advice was given to analyse the hormone concentrations of several species via a radioimmunoassay technique (RIA). The development and validation of the assay technique was first developed for this genus.